Our Church, Nant Hall Road Church Prestatyn

Nant Hall Road Church in Prestatyn was established in 1902, when members of Rehoboth Welsh Presbyterian Church decided that they wanted to set up an English congregation. The Church Hall was added in 1934, and has since provided us with a facility for Sunday School, Clubs and various Community activities.

Our general approach to our living together as a Church Family is guided by the words of Jesus to Peter (Matthew 16: 15) Who do YOU say I am? Members are encouraged to develop their own vision of God and His purposes through the exploration of scripture and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We are asked to respect and celebrate our differing visions and different understandings. Faith is presented as a continuing and developing journey rather than a fixed prescription. We are particularly concerned that children and young people should feel themselves to be fully involved in Church life; that this is their Church just as much as anyone else.

Our Church offers a welcome to all, and all who wish may take communion; (though we do not normally suggest this for small children without a reasonable understanding and respect for the sacraments.)

Our Church offers full facilities for those with disabilities including toilets and space for wheelchairs.

We are well known for the warmth of our welcome, and would be pleased to welcome new members.

Our Minister

Rev. Gareth Roberts  has been our Minister here at Nant Hall Church since October 2016. He is also the Minister of two other churches within the Vale of Clwyd. His personal theology is informed by the response that Jesus offered when asked to say which were the most important commandments: Love God and love your neighbour as yourself.

Nant Hall Road Church in Prestatyn is a part of the Presbyterian Church of Wales. Within this denomination, responsibility for the running of the Church as a whole is vested in a group of elected elders or presbyters.

At the local level the Elders for each Church are responsible for that congregation; on a wider basis, the elders of each Church meet at area level in Presbytery in order to decide upon more general issues. Nationwide, the elders meet at Association in order to decide denominational issues. For this purpose Ministers are also considered as elders.